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Written By – Brian Speed of Distribution Kings  



In order to execute a successful Flyer Distribution Campaign your advertising piece needs to be strategically designed to attract your target audience. The first question you need to ask yourself would be, “Who is your target audience?” Design the promotional material to attract the audience you are trying to reach. Consider the flyer size, text, pictures, slogans, and everything! This will give you the best results for your campaign.



When executing a Flyer Distribution Campaign business owners need to ask themselves, “What is the purpose of this campaign?” Are you offering something to a potential client? An example would be a Nightclub (Free Admission all night) or a Gentleman’s Club (Free Limo & Free Admission). You may be starting a new Company or Business and your goal would be to create brand awareness. You need to understand who you are targeting and what your goal is prior to the below check list.



In order to execute a successful campaign, business owners need to strategically create a schedule that makes sense. You do not want to advertise way to in advance or last minute. Choose the days and dates you want to distribute, the locations you want to distribute at, and the times you want the flyers distributed. I like to take a ruler and count out 100 flyers and map each day out precisely. For example if there were 10,000 flyers I would distribute them over 7 days, 1,000 flyers per day the first four days and 2,000 flyers per day the final three days. I would then get each distributor the flyers prior to the first day.



If everything else you have is on point and you have toothless distributors with their pants down to their ankles, your potential customers will not be taking the flyers. You need to hand pick a core group of distributors in order to execute a proper campaign. Clean cut, well-spoken distributors are the best. You want to find distributors who have a passion and “Type A” personality. Typically I prefer distributors who have a job or go to school and are looking for a 2nd income. College Students or Nightlife Employees are great! You can find potential distributors by posting ads on Craig’s List, Face Book and Instagram. With this type of position there is typically a hire turnover rate. This is normal!



Now that you have a solid crew, you cannot just let them hand your flyers out whenever and wherever they want!  Each distributor needs to be properly trained. What I like to do is take them out on a real campaign and show them how to distribute. Bring a school bag to hold flyers and dress neat and clean.  I train my distributors to hand flyers out with confidence. Confidence meaning look each potential customer in the eye and say something catchy such as “Free Admission Free Limo” if it were an Adult Nightclub or “Are you Hungry” if it were a Restaurant. When handing flyers out the physical motion should be upward and confident like a statement not a question. I explain to my distributors that not everyone will take the flyers and some people may even get nasty with them. It is important to never respond negative to anyone and just brush it off as it is part of their job.



Until you are confident you have a solid team, spot checking is very important. Send a crew manager to check the locations. With my Distribution Company, I pay my distributors by the week. I give a one strike policy which means, if you are supposed to be somewhere and you are not the agreement is terminated. I have all of my distributor’s text me when they go to the bathroom, get a drink or to go to their car and get more flyers. Keep close tabs or your flyers could end up in the trash. If you hire a Distribution Company, have them take photos of all there distributors with your flyers. Any company that does not agree to this cannot be trusted and shouldn’t be used.



In order to have a successful Marketing campaign, business owners need to use each and every tool they have access too. Even if a business owner is on a budget, have your staff market on social media, use your in house social media accounts, Text Blasts, E Mail Blasts, Sponsors, and Cross promotions. Business Owners need to use every resource to complement each other. For example our platform has always been A+B+C+D+E+F = 1000 customers.  It is very hard to execute a promotion and say A = 1000 customers. The goal should be for a potential customer to get a flyer handed to them, see it on social media and get a text from one of your staff members!


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