New Build / Full Remodel Fee

Consulting fees for a full New Build or Full Remodel from start to finish will range from  $20,000.00 to  $80,000.00 and will require our services for a minimum of 1 month and up to 3 months.

Virtual Management Fee

Virtual Management Fee

This fee compensates the management company for all the virtual work related to internal systems and procedures, accounting formatting, financial reporting, budgeting and inventory control. The virtual management package does not include or require any on site visits or training.

This fee is established as a percentage of gross revenue ranging from 7% – 18%. Percentage rate is based on the size of the operation and if Start Up cost are paid up front or built into the negotiated percentage.

Virtual Management includes:

  • Weekly email reporting auditing
  • 1 Weekly Phone Conference for up to 3 hours
  • Up to 4 emails per day for any questions, assistance, or emergencies


The conception and integration of:

  • Sequence of Service
  • Inventory Procedures
  • Order Guides
  • Menu Pricing
  • Job Descriptions
  • Employee Guidelines
  • Operational Reports
    • Daily & Weekly Financials
    • Labor Costs
    • Costs of Goods Sold
    • Profit and Loss
    • Website and Social Media Development & Activation
    • Current Marketing and Promotions Concepts


Start Up Fee

This is a fixed fee ranging from $2,500 – $10,00 depending on the size of the operation.

All legal expenses incurred for any contract negotiations and signing will be the responsibility of the client.

Front of House / Back of House design consulting

Front of House / Back of House design consulting 
$1,500.00 per day

  • Maximize efficiency in space usage, traffic flow, employee operations and safety, utility consumption
  • Coherence with local Health Dept. and building code regulations and requirements
  • Back Bar design for effective, comfortable service and required equipment

Beverage menu planning

Beverage menu planning
$800.00 per day

  • Comparison of competitor’s menu and discussion of other successful bars establishments in the area
  • Theme development
  • Maximizing menu elements, their usage and versatility
  • Portions / Presentation
  • Investigating available brands and suppliers

Development and training of overall bar operations

Development and training of overall bar operations  

$2,000.00 per day

  • Handling of money from floor staff to management
  • Customer care and relationships
  • Order processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Beverage handling and service
  • Theme, image
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Staff knowledge and helpfulness

Bar staff training

Bar staff training
$1,200.00 per day

  • Use of equipment, cleanup and maintenance
  • How to prepare menu items
  • Health Dept. requirements
  • Inventory and ordering

Extended involvement relationship

Extended involvement relationship
$25,000.00 per year

  • Weekly email reporting auditing.
  • 1 Weekly Phone Conference up to 3 hours.
  • Up to 4 emails per day for any question, assistance, or emergencies
  • Once a quarter site visit to discuss necessary changes in operations or any other related business adjustments.

Accounting Fee

Accounting Fee

  • This is a fixed monthly fee to cover accounting expenses. This fee will vary but typically is $500 – $1,200 per month.

Preliminary Phone consultations

Preliminary Phone consultations 

  • 1 time 1 hour $300.00 (General, project planning, budgeting)
  • 3 Hour consultations Block Rate fee: $750.00

Travel and Expenses

All travel and accommodation costs as well as a daily per diem will be at the client’s expense.

All legal expenses incurred for any contract negotiations and signing will be the responsibility of the client.

Daily Per Diem Rate is $50 per person while on location and $25 per person for travel days.

Consulting Services are negotiated on an individual basis depending on the services provided and the time involved. On certain projects, fixed fees are applied while others are on an hourly basis. Hourly fees vary with the level of staff experience necessary and the complexity of the assignment.

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