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Rescue My Bar and Snap Lion have teamed up to offer you the Rescue My Bar App Special.

$2000 Setup Fee waived and First Month Free
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Having an app today is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

With over 20 features that our app offers such as

  • In-App Ordering for Delivery
  • Reservations and Appointments
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Events and Promotions
  • Fanwall

The Snap Lion App is so universal it’s a must have for any type of business. Restaurant, Bar, Nightclub, Festival, DJ, Salon, Gym, VIP Bottle Service Promoter.

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What is the ROI (Return on Investment)?
A mobile phone is the only device which is 9 ft away from your customer at all times.
It is almost a no-brainer to have your own custom brand on your customer’s phone
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
 Here is a simple case study to help you understand:
Case Study – Mobile App Integration Revitalizes High Spirits’ Marketing Model
About High Spirits, PuneWidely known for playing the best music in town and hosting the city’s craziest theme parties, High Spirits is a classy, enchanting resto-bar serving up exotic cocktails, mocktails, spirits and lip-smacking food for youth of Pune. This alluring nightlife spot is a popular live music venue featuring top bands, accomplished DJs, international artists and has the longest running Karaoke scene in the city. This trendy nightlife hive has received stellar reviews in print and online media with its stories often featured on Times Nightlife and Burrp, NDTV Good Times, CNBC Young Turks et al.The ChallengeHaving already made a big splash on Pune’s nightlife scene, High Spirits’ management was keen to adopt aconsumer-facing technology that could help them stay current and relevant with their customers for increased engagement, repeat business and new clientele.The Solution: A Mobile AppA simple, intuitive mobile (iPhone & Android) app that would be the heart of its customer engagement strategy by virtue of convenience and immediate download gratification was, thus, an ideal choice.High Spirits decided to go mobile and get a custom iPhone and Android app up to:

  • Extend the brand to a mobile platform
  • Offer great utility and concierge features to its customers
  • Have an always-on, omnipresent platform to deliver communiqués
  • Offer loyalty programs to reward repeat customers and generate incremental business

 Why SnapLion?

Once this Pune’s nightlife mogul decided to turbo-charge its marketing spree with mobile app integration, SnapLion was an obvious contender and the easy choice.

Firstleading brands such as Anoushka ShankarMidival PunditzSunburnSubmerge Entertainment, and Punjab Kings XI were already using the platform – it was tried, tested, and successful at large scale and with discerning set of customers that demanded perfection and attention to little details.

Second, the apps SnapLion had previously built were viewable on the iTunes and Android store with impressive ratings – Consumers loved these apps. High Spirits’ management downloaded some of these apps themselves and compared these with apps that competing mobile app vendors had built and concluded that apps built by SnapLion were better looking, more usable, quick and in general, of superior quality.

Third, the SAAS based monthly billing model meant that there was no risk involved. At $99/month, what could they possibly lose? If the apps didn’t work or they didn’t like SnapLion, they could always discontinue with minimal financial loss.

Fourth, the process of building an app was quick and easy. High Sprits green lighted the project and SnapLion did all the heavy lifting to create the app for them and set everything up, upload to iTunes and Android stores. Ongoing maintenance is also easy, as SnapLion engineers work to keep adding new features to the platform.

Combination of these factors led High Spirits to choose SnapLion to power their mobile presence – a decision that worked wonders for the restobar.

high spirits push

By virtue of aggressive marketing drive, High Spirits’ app picked up the steam rapidly and wowed the customers with its super usable features. The app not only racked up an impressive download count, but also attracted more frequent visits from its loyal customers.

App Features

The app, decked with a rich suite of social features, empowers the nightlife lovers to interact with the swanky restobar on their own terms from virtually any location. It’s a complete win-win! Here’s how:

  • Push Notifications: Push messages about High Spirits’ deals, offers, celebrations, happy hours, etc. are sent to customers that appear as pop up messages on their smartphones. These single handedly account for 71% of increased attendance
  • One-touch Reservations: Smarter reservation system for customers with just a few taps on their screens. No more calling and getting a busy tone or things getting lost in translation. <<mention number of reservations since inception nd appx amount of biz that generated
  • Digital Menu: High Spirits’ Digital Booze and Food Menu with scrumptious images of wines, dishes to help customers make instant choices before they arrive at the location
  • Proximity Alerts: The customers are notified about High Spirits’ offers, events, discounts if they’re somewhere near the restaurant with location services “ON” on their smartphones.
  • Loyalty points: High Spirits’ token of appreciation to acknowledge the repeat visits of its loyal customers
  • Gallery: High Spirits uses this feature to showcase its photos of pan-Asian design, posh interiors, décor, mood lighting, and large space.
  • Music: High Spirits has spawned a worldwide cult of DJs, who have produced and spinned lounge music albums. Customers can swoon to these extremely popular music tracks, while using the app.
  • Fan Wall: This feature helps the customers interact with each other and High Spirits through comments and pictures on a platform controlled by the restobar – their own fan wall – linked to Facebook and Twitter to make it go Viral.

Driving Downloads and Engagement?

High Spirits knew that after getting the app live on iTunes and Google Play Store, next was the uphill task of getting a good number of customers to download the app on their iPhone/Android smartphones.

SnapLion helped High Spirits in devising and implementing a variety of offline and online strategies to get the word out and steer downloads and engagement.

The comprehensive marketing strategy to promote this app was split into:


  •  High Spirits utilized its digital presence to spread the word about their app. They broadcasted their App Launch on their popular Facebook page, Twitter feed and other virtual channels like SMS and WhatsApp.
  • SnapLion helped them by creating cool content and announcements.


  • Offline vehicles included custom designed table tents, bill inserts, menu cards and standees.
  • To further hook customers, High Spirits offered a great deal to customers – 20% off on the bill when a reservation was made through the app. That was a clincher!

A mobile app offers a bigger canvas to paint a dapper picture of your brand in the minds of your customers. And, SnapLion helps you accomplish this feat – easily, quickly and inexpensively.

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